The globalization and standardization of design instruments in current architecture means that cities increasingly lose their own identity, becoming a set of containers of situations lacking in beauty.This purely formal light installation and explicit symbolism reminds us that we have to recover that identity and the love of design as an instrument to improve the quality of urban space.

TRIPLE JET uses the symbol as an instrument of persuasion, a globally recognized local identity sign that lands in the public space to add value to the urban landscape.A pure installation, a sculpture of light that distances itself from dynamics and light control systems to work from other more architectural or formal parameters using scale and structure as a design mechanism, almost invisible.

A meeting point for a society that yearns to recognize itself and make itself known at every moment. TRIPLE JET is the «selfie» that everyone wants to have, the instant image of a beautiful memory of the Festival of light that attracts more than 120,000 people to the European capital every year.

LUX studio + S.Ramos

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