Building: Sociocultural «Ensanche» | Location: Albacete (Spain)

Area: 4.863 m2 | Client: City Council of Albacete

Project: lighting audit as part of the energy audit of the building carried out together with the engineering company Proyecta 79 S.L

The Ensanche sociocultural building takes its name due to its location in the most populated neighborhood of the Albacete capital with a total of 32,304 inhabitants. The building includes 770 users / day with a utilization rate of 2,550 hours / year. The percentage of final energy due to lighting is close to 30-40%, so its evaluation and verification is of great importance in the global energy study. At the same time, the levels of comfort at work are closely related to the levels of illumination or average horizontal illuminance on the plane or workspace.Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a complete luminotechnical study in the development of the work of energy audit A compact and manual measuring device will be used for the measurement process. The measures adopted once the inventory and detailed study have been carried out include the replacement of existing lamps with LED lamps. Installation of an interior lighting control system by means of natural lighting controllers, for occupancy control and regulation of natural light with independent window regulation / control. and distributor hall. Compared to traditional lighting, LEDs are more energy efficient, radiate little heat, are cheaper to use and maintain, and produce a light that can be programmed and controlled accurately. In addition, the energy savings resulting from its use reduce CO2 emissions. The savings resulting from executing the measures adopted to replace lighting equipment is 50%.

Proyecta79 + lUX studio  | Photography: Rubén Serrallé